Suspects who threw pig’s head & blood at Chauvin’s witness home identified as 3 women

1 month ago

Santa Rosa news, California news.

Three California women were arrested and charged after they vandalized the home of a defense witness at Chauvin’s trial last month.

Rowan Dalbey, 20; Kristen Aumoithe, 34; and Amber Lucas, 35; were in all-black when they swarmed the Santa Rosa home of Barry Brodd on April 17 night.

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  • “It appears the suspects in this vandalism were targeting Mr. Brodd for his testimony,” Police said. “Mr. Brodd is no longer a resident of California.”

    The trio also smeared blood on a Santa Rosa Plaza Mall statue after leaving pig’s remains at the vandalized residence.

    “Our Property Crimes Detectives are working diligently to locate all suspects responsible for this gruesome act,” Police added.