Boy whose family is suing Texas energy provider over his death in recent winter storm actually died from carbon monoxide

1 month ago

Conroe news, Texas news.

Conroe Police have released autopsy results of the 11-year-old Texas boy who had passed away last February from suspected hypothermia as his family thought.

It was revealed that Cristian Pavon’s actual cause of death was actually carbon monoxide poisoning.

The boy died one day after he played outside in the snow.

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  • “The Conroe Police Department expresses our condolences to the family and friends who have been impacted by this tragic event,” the police department said.

    “The criminal investigation into this tragic death is considered closed. The Conroe Police Department will have no further comment.”

    Following his February 16 death, Pavon’s family filed a lawsuit against the Electric Reliability Council of Texas alleging that the lack of heat caused the child’s dismay and seeking $100 million in damages.

    At least 200 people have passed away during the bitter weather earlier this year in Texas, either from hypothermia or from monoxide poisoning caused by gas generators.