Texas family sues energy companies following death of 11-year-old boy of hypothermia

2 months ago

Monroe news, Texas news.

The family of a Texas boy who passed away Monday at a trailer home deprived of power is suing the energy companies for causing his death.

11-year-old Cristian Pavon had just played in the snow with his mother for the “first time in his life” since the family came to Texas from their native Honduras two years ago.

Pavon was found dead underneath a pile of blankets the following day and his cause of death is suspected to be hypothermia.

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  • The boy’s family is now suing ERCOT and Entergy for failing to warn people ahead of the major outages as an unprecedented winter storm hit the Lone Star State.

    “Common sense tells you the weather played a part in his death,” the 100 million dollars lawsuit said. “His mother is very adamant; clear that he had no underlying conditions whatsoever that would make him particularly vulnerable to cold weather.”

    “What’s interesting about this whole ordeal is what these power providers and ERCOT knew long before many of us knew it. They knew they didn’t have the capacity, they knew they had not winterized their sources of power and they put people in a lot of danger.”

    The cold storm that hit Texas had so far killed 69 people who either died of carbon monoxide intoxication, hypothermia, crashes, drowning, or house fires.