Tennessee pest-exterminator quits job, lives in lap of luxury after posing as Dementia sufferer’s son

1 month ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

FBI agents have arrested a Tennessee couple who have stolen more than $1M from an elderly dementia sufferer over the course of four years.

Karl Hampton and wife Deborah, ages 63 and 59, went from poverty to the lap of luxury when the man met the then 85-year-old wealthy widow while working as a pest-exterminator.

Hampton posed as the widow’s son or godson and convinced her to name him beneficiary in her Revocable Living Trust and will.

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  • The couple drained about $1,240,438.06 out of the dementia sufferer’s bank accounts and got a $500,000 credit line in her name.

    They used the fortune to purchase luxurious cars and jewelry, including a $21,452 diamond ring, and daily lottery tickets worth up to $1,500.

    In 2019, the couple placed the duped woman at an assisted living facility where she appeared confused, and malnourished prompting an investigation.

    Hampton was charged with money laundering and wire fraud while his wife faces money laundering charges. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 20 years in jail.