Elderly couple with Alzheimer and Dementia ventures outside living facility after deciphering door code

16 days ago

Lebanon news, Tennessee news.

An elderly couple had successfully deciphered the door code to their locked room at a living facility in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Both of the escapees had mental illness namely dementia and Alzheimer's respectively but still managed to crack the electronic door’s code.

The pair was located 30 minutes later by a stranger and brought back to the facility. They were not harmed.

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  • “Resident 1 stated that he was able to listen to the code when staff punched in the numbers and was able to figure out the number for the numeric to exit the memory care unit,” a report said.

    The elderly man said that he used Morse code to figure out the door’s code thanks to his military experience. He previously “exhibited wandering behaviors,” unlike his wife.

    The facility officials will work to schedule “walking time outside the facility with a staff member present in an effort to decrease these exit-seeking behaviors.”