Elderly man opens fire at wife, daughter killing her minutes after police checked out on them

26 days ago

Pennsboro Township news, Pennsylvania news.

East Pennsboro Township Police are condemned for not doing their job after a fatal shooting inside a residence they just visited.

Less than 10 minutes after officers left his home, 78-year-old John Miller called them again on the evening of April 10 to say that he shot his wife and daughter who were “beyond help.”

Miller opened fire at 51-year-old Joanna Miller and Melissa Hinton-Miller, 65, shooting them in the head.

His daughter died on the kitchen ground from her injuries, while the other woman remains in a hospital but is expected to survive.

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  • When police first responded to the home over a disturbance report, Miller told him that he did not want his daughter at the home.

    Cops replied that they couldn’t help since such matters should be resolved in court. The victim, who left behind two children, was the caretaker of the elderly man.

    “The officers have been taking criticism for not doing more but there’s nothing given the situation that they had the time that they could have done,” Police Chief Mark Green said.

    “There were no indicators that it was going to turn out this way. There was no threat of violence or assault, nothing that rose to that level for police to do something.”