Elderly Tampa man punched and killed after calling Dunkin’ store manager racial slur

3years ago

Tampa news, Florida news.

The manager of a Dunkin’ store in Tampa, Florida is behind bars after he fatally punched an elderly bad-mouthed customer on May 4.

27-year-old Corey Pujols argued with the 77-year-old victim who called him a racial slur while complaining about the poor service at the store’s drive-thru.

The victim had initially argued with employees at the eatery where he’d been a regular before he asked to meet Pujols.

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  • Witnesses said that Pujols asked the victim to repeat what he said before knocking him unconscious.

    The elderly man died from a skull fracture and brain contusions after hitting his head against the floor.

    Pujols who was temporarily released on bail was rearrested after the victim’s death and is being held without bond.