Dad, daughter with no swimming skills drown in 9-feet deep pool at birthday party

13 days ago

Waldorf news, Maryland news.

A 7-year-old Maryland girl and her father died Saturday after drowning in a swimming pool in Waldorf.

According to the News & Observer, the incident occurred at a teen’s birthday party.

Christian Omofolawe Agboola and her 44-year-old dad, Haffis Olanrewaju Agboola jumped into the pool but were “unable to swim.”

The father had reportedly no swimming skills and so was the child when they entered the 9 feet deep pool.

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  • An unidentified teen tried to save their lives but to no avail as he “took on too much water,” officials said.

    “All three victims were removed from the water and CPR was initiated by FIRE/EMS and a police officer.”

    “I just think everything was chaotic,” Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Diane Richardson said in a statement.

    “Between trying to rescue them and struggling, everyone took in too much water.”