Maryland father kills girlfriend, her mom, after she invited him to see baby for first time: ‘Things went left’

29 days ago

Washington D.C. news, Washington news.

A Maryland man said that “things went left” when he showed up at his girlfriend’s DC home to see their infant for the first time Monday evening.

Keanan Christopher Turner opened fire at Ebony Wright, 32, and her mother Wanda Wright, 48, killing them.

He then went upstairs and found the baby’s aunt hiding in a closet, and shot her in the face as she begged for mercy, she told police.

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  • The aunt got out of the closet, carried the baby who was crying, and went looking for help. She eventually survived the ordeal.

    The motive appears to be an argument over child support issues. Turner was busted at his father’s residence in Maryland.

    There, police found hundreds of guns stuffed under furniture. Turner alleged that he had been working for the government.