Columbus foster home where Ma’Khia Bryant lived was known to Police, with more than a dozen 911 calls

16 days ago

Columbus news, Ohio news.

Columbus Police were familiar with issues going on within the walls of Ma’Khia Bryant’s foster home, with at least 911 calls made in the recent few years.

The emergency calls were mostly made by Angela Moore, the foster mom, who struggled with missing or unruly teens.

On March 28, Bryant’s younger sister called the police to be allowed to leave home after a fight with Ma’Khia.

“The Victim then became irate and stated that if she does not get to leave, then she was going to kill someone in the home,” the police report said.

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  • Following her disturbing call, officers rushed her to a local hospital for evaluation.

    Back in 2017, an 18-year-old female resident threatened dispatchers that she would commit suicide if not allowed to leave the home.

    “The whole world has placed Ma’Khia on trial based on this one incident where they see her swinging a knife,” Bryant’s family attorney said.

    “But why aren’t we looking further and figuring out who were those girls? How did they get there? How did this develop so quickly?”