California mom says she ‘softly’ drowned 3 small children because their dad planned to ‘traffic them’

1 month ago

Reseda news, California news.

A California mom who is currently in custody after murdering her three small children earlier this month said during a jailhouse interview that she did it to protect them from human trafficking.

Liliana Carrillo, 30, admitted to drowning her children aged 6-month-old, 2, and 3 years old because their father was considering trafficking them.

“I drowned them,” Carrillo said of the April 10 incident. “I wasn’t about to hand my children off to be further abused.”

The mother said that recently, the children’s dad Erik Denton was granted emergency custody mandating her to hand them over to him.

“I believe my children were already groomed and was being groomed as well. I think I was targeted because of the work that I had done. I was a very impactful communicator and leader,” she claimed.

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  • Denton told detectives that his wife endured severe postpartum depression for years and couldn’t live in reality. She would hide with the kids, talk suicide, and use marijuana.

    She was paranoid to the point of claiming she was the one who brought Covid-19 to Portersville.

    The last time the couple met, was at a police station where she was supposed to give Denton his children. But, he said, Carrillo did not compel with officers’ order.

    “I drowned them. I did it as softly, I don’t know how to explain it,” she said.

    “I promised them when they were born that I was going to protect them. I hugged them and I kissed them and I was apologizing the whole time. I loved my kids. I wish that this didn’t have to be the case.”