Nevada man killed, dismembered then burned by daughter, 16, and her boyfriend when he barred them from traveling away

1 month ago

Las Vegas news, Nevada news.

A gruesome crime took place inside a Las Vegas home garage where police discovered the remains of a murdered father Tuesday.

On the same day, authorities arrested the victim’s daughter Sierra Halseth, 16, and her 18-year-old boyfriend Aaron Guerrero in Salt Lake City in connection with the murder.

Daniel Halseth, 45, was found dead in his garage that had been set on fire when his mother asked for a welfare check. He had several stab wounds to the chest, neck, and back.

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  • After learning that the dad had warned Guerrero’s parents that their children were attempting to flee to Los Angeles after robbing them, police tracked the two suspects through surveillance videos.

    Sierra was caught at a local store buying two gallons of bleach and one gallon of orange juice while Guerrero purchased saws and gloves.

    Evidence found inside the home indicated that there were “extensive clean-up efforts” at the crime scene. The new saws were also recovered “with apparent blood and tissue on the saw and in between the groves of the saw.”

    Both teens face murder charges and are awaiting extradition to Nevada.