Texas brothers who battled depression killed family-of-4, then themselves; leave Instagram suicide note

1 month ago

Allen news, Texas news.

A Texas family massacre was discovered on Monday when a worried friend read a chilling note from the killers and called 911.

Allen authorities believe Farhan and Tanvir Towhid, ages 19 and 21 respectively, had slaughtered their parents, sister, and grandmother on Saturday before taking their own lives.

“Hey everyone. I killed myself and my family,” Farhan said in his Instagram post.

“If I killed just myself, they would be miserable. I love my family. I genuinely do, and that’s exactly why I decided to kill them.”

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  • Farhan went on to explain how he and his older brothers battled depression and mental health troubles since they were in high school before deciding to end their lives after one year if things weren’t fixed.

    “The plan was simple; we get two guns. I take one and shoot my sister and grandma, while my brother kills our parents with the other. Then we take ourselves out.”

    Friends of the Bangladeshi family were in disbelief, with acquaintance Shawn Ahsan describing he “couldn’t breathe for 20 to 30 minutes” after hearing the news.

    “How could it happen in a community like us? We’re so close and we visit each other and talk to each other, we have dinner and stuff, but inside the house, his children were unhappy for some reason and one thing led to another.”