Baytown woman still at large after body of 2-month-old daughter found stuffed in ice bag

19 days ago

Baytown news, Texas news.

Baytown Police Department is actively looking for a mother whose baby daughter’s remains were discovered stuffed with ice in a duffle bag inside a Scottish Inn Suites’ room back in September.

32-year-old Nikki Reardon admitted that she was drug-dealing for a living and that one day; she woke up to find her 2-month-old daughter face down on the bed.

“This is someone who is facing very serious charges on many of the charges she has against her,” Assistant District Attorney James Gordon said.

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  • “She is facing up to life in prison. This is someone; obviously for the safety of everybody in the community of Harris County, Texas and the surrounding areas, given the extent of her criminal history, we do want to make sure she’s picked ups as quickly and safely as possible.”

    Among the charges, she is facing are tampering with evidence, primarily a corpse, and child endangerment.

    The Baytown Police Department can be reached at 713-222-TIPS (8477).