Mississippi man, son film 10 UFO’s scattering above family home: ‘Hard to believe we are alone’

23 days ago

Southaven news, Mississippi news.

A Mississippi father and his son were witnesses to a supernatural sighting on Sunday evening when they spotted 10 bizarre orbs dancing above their house.

David and James Howell posted a video of the scattering engines that were not planes, according to them.

“Everything went through mind,” the dad said. “Is this UFOs or aliens? One of them was a lot bigger than the other nine.”

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  • “They were going north, northwest and they would change position, you know.”

    Despite the family home’s location near the Memphis International Airport, authorities said that they have not received any other reports concerning the spooky occurrence.

    “I can’t believe nobody else got video or called and said, hey, we see something. It’s kind of strange,” Howell said adding that now; it became “hard to believe we are alone.”

    “I just think the universe is so big, why would God only make us? I don’t know but that’s my thought?”