Disastrous handling of vaccination rollout leads to Shelby County official’s resignation

2 months ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

After disastrous handling of the Covid rollout across Shelby County, Tennessee leaders stripped the county’s health department from the duty and charged the city of Memphis of the procedure.

On Friday, the Shelby County mayor accepted the resignation of the department’s director Dr. Alisa Haushaltler.

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  • The developments came after several incidents reported throughout the month of February, particularly the expiration or spoiling of 2,400 doses and the inoculation of two children.

    A number of Covid vaccine doses were stolen on Feb. 3 from a Pipkin Building vaccination site with Tennessee officials still working to name a suspect.

    State officials accused Haushalter and her staff of withholding information concerning the catastrophic situation and the wasted doses until they learned a federal investigation would be launched.