Tragic: Missouri girl finds both Covid-positive parents dead in basement where they quarantined

2 months ago

Mehlville news, Missouri news.

A Missouri couple who had both tested positive for the coronavirus was found dead in their basement where they quarantined.

Authorities did not release the deceased parents’ names but said they were in their 40s and had an 11-year-old girl.

It was the child that sought help after finding both parents dead last week. Police believe the deaths were Covid related.

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  • “To lose both parents at one time you know for an 11-year-old, it’s really tragic,” neighbor Chuck Duy said.

    “Last year at Christmas time they came down to our door and gave us cookies. They were just the nicest people. We are praying for the girl and their family.”

    Sources said that the woman may have a stroke prior to her death due to the Covid infection. Doctors have advised her and her husband to quarantine following their positive diagnosis.