Friday Night Lights actor caught hitting cops with crutch during Capitol riot

2 months ago

Texas news, US news.

A Texas actor was charged in connection with the Capitol riots after he was caught in several videos taking part in the mayhem, beating cops with a crutch.

Luke Coffee, 41, admitted that he was at the Capitol on January 6 but denied attacking the officers or “engaging in any type of physical confrontations with police.”

His outfit consisting of “a brown cowboy style hat, a camouflage jacket, a blue bandana, and grey backpack” made it easy for the FBI to identify him.

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  • The complaint against him alleged that Coffee used his “crutch in a more aggressive manner and position towards the police officers.”

    He also “intended to further use the crutch as blunt object weapon by positioning the crutch directly toward the officer’s upper chest/head area.”

    Coffee worked as a post-producer for many television shows and made appearances on Friday Night Lights and Las Vegas.