New Jersey mom found dead at waterfall with son had dying husband at hospital; 2 siblings dead within days

2 months ago

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A family friend of the New Jersey teacher, whose crying child led police to her body at the top of Grace Lord Park waterfall on Tuesday, revealed that she had been through a lot lately.

35-year-old Warda Syed and 11-year-old son Uzair Ahmed were found dead near their car where Syed’s 6-year-old child cried alone.

Syed’s friend Dr. Abdul Raja said that her husband was admitted to hospital with terminal cancer and her two siblings had just passed away within a couple of weeks.

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  • “Her brother died of coronavirus two weeks ago. Her sister was a doctor, she died three days ago in Pakistan,” Dr. Raja said insisting that despite all these tragedies, the suicide hypothesis seems unlikely.

    “The detective said she did all the shopping – food, groceries, hair color, everything – and he said when people commit suicide they don’t do all these things.”

    Morris County authorities are investigating the incident to determine whether the substitute teacher intentionally killed herself and her son or not.

    “We’re going to spend some time on this and do a thorough investigation to ensure that we find the facts out as to what happened here,” Sheriff James Gannon said.