Buildings and buses charred when massive fire spread across Compton industrial structures

2 months ago

Compton news, California news.

A huge fire erupted early Friday in an industrial zone in Campton, California causing massive damage to nearby structures and parked vehicles, Campton Fire crews report.

The fire started with an explosion in a pallet yard near Santa Fe and Banning Avenue at around 4:30 a.m. and then spread to a nearby mattress company and transportation yards.

The structures were totally charred as of Friday morning with thick smokes emanating from the scene and flames labeled “under control” but not completely extinguished.

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  • Rows of school buses and charters were reduced to ashes as well as neighboring structures at the commercial complex.

    Firefighters battled the flames for hours and continue their efforts in trying to limit the fire from spreading outside the scene.

    Compton Fire officials did not determine a cause for the incident but confirmed witnesses' accounts about nonfunctional fire hydrants at the building.