Texas elderly woman’s apartment burglarized hours after she froze to death without power

2 months ago

Houston news, Texas news.

The Houston apartment of an elderly woman who couldn’t bear the freezing cold amid power outages and froze to death had been burglarized a few hours after her death.

84-year-old Marie Gee was found dead at her apartment on Tuesday and her cause of death was ruled as hypothermia that is likely caused by a power outage that hit the area Monday.

But Gee’s relatives are outraged that just after she was escorted out of the residence, burglars broke into her apartment and ransacked her stereo, television, and phone.

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  • Most importantly, the late woman’s grandchildren were frustrated that Army badges belonging to Gee’s son were also missing.

    “God has a plan for those people,” the victim’s grandson said.

    At least 22 deaths were recorded in the Houston area and linked to the winter storm, while authorities are in the midst of determining whether 12 more fatalities are weather-related too.