Boyfriend of mom arrested after body of Wyoming toddler, 2, discovered in dumpster

2 months ago

Cheyenne news, Wyoming news.

The boyfriend of the mom whose child was discovered lifeless in a dumpster hours after he vanished had been arrested, on unrelated charges, police said.

It comes following the grim news that the body of Athian Rivera, 2, was found dead in a dumpster near his Desmet Drive, Cheyenne home on Friday.

27-year-old Wyatt Lamb was arrested for an unrelated outstanding warrant shortly afterward, local police said adding that his involvement in Athian’s death is yet to be confirmed.

Sources said that Lamb’s outstanding warrants were for failure to appear and parole violation. He had been living with Rivera’s mom at the Desmet Drive apartment.

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  • “She is understandably devastated and distraught,” a friend of the mom said.

    “She is a loving and devoted mother of her children. The amount of pain this is causing her is not something words can express. No mother should ever have to bury their child.”

    The family friend said that Athian’s mom is also facing brutal harassment online in connection with his death.

    “The level of callousness being levied at her online is beyond disgusting. People are going as far as to tag her in the picture of the dumpster Athian was found in. I hope that, in the end, the positive people outshine the negative.”