‘Devil is already here’: California homegrown Covid variant bothers scientists

2 months ago

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Scientists are extremely concerned about a California homegrown Covid variant that can apparently resist antibodies from vaccines and is more contagious.

“The devil is already here. I wish it were different. But the science is the science,” Dr. Charles Chiu of the University of California said.

The team of researchers did not divulge the entirety of their findings regarding the California strain but it is believed it could be 19 to 24 percent more contagious.

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  • Also, the efficiency of neutralizing antibodies triggered by the vaccines seems reduced to half when it comes to the homegrown strain compared with the other variants.

    Researchers predict the California variant of coronavirus will by the end of this month account for 90percent of the state overall cases.

    Like the UK and South Africa strains of the deadly illness, the California variant has a mutation to its spike protein and is 40 percent quicker to infect the lung issue, scientists suggest.