Protests in Rochester after Grand Jury decision not to sue 7 cops involved in Daniel Prude’s death

2 months ago

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Protests erupted in upstate New York following a Grand Jury’s decision not to charge seven cops involved in the March death of Daniel Prude.

The 41-year-old’s encounter with Rochester police had sparked outrage after a video emerged showing him sitting naked and in handcuffs as the officers laughed.

Prude died after being placed in a “spit-hood” and shoved into the pavement which prevented him from breathing. His death was ruled a homicide.

But the defense attorneys of the seven officers stated that the mentally ill man passed away due to his use of PCP and that the defendants were only following their training.

Late Tuesday, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators took to the street where the incident unfolded to express their anger over the Grand Jury decision.

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