After horrific crash; Tiger Woods may never get back ‘that mobility he had before’: Doctor says

2 months ago

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An early Tuesday crash had nearly ended the life of gold ace Tiger Woods when his car smashed into a road sign and a tree before flipping several times to ultimately land on its side.

Pictures of the shattered SUV the 45-year-old was riding revealed the seriousness of the crash that nearly killed him if the life-saving airbags did not deploy in time.

The Genesis Courtesy careered off the way into a grassy ditch at around 7 p.m. when the golfer ran against time, being late for his meeting with Drew Brees and Justin Herbert.

Woods underwent major surgeries after sustaining numerous “comminuted” fractures in both legs and doctors were forced to fix the bone parts together using metal screws, rods, and pins.

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  • “He has around six weeks of recovery just from the fractures,” Dr. John Torres predicted. “If he had to get that ankle fused, or if he had any big procedures done to that ankle that are going to limit mobility, that’s going to longer to recover.”

    “He truly might never get back that mobility he had before; which could definitely impact the way he plays.”

    Tiger Woods defied all medical predictions when he claimed the Masters' title in 2019 with two spine discs fused together.

    Also, he amazed everyone in 2008 winning the Open while standing on one leg with the surgery for his two fractures and ruptured cruciate ligament set for the next day.