Plane crashed into truck in Los Angeles Port leaving man dead, another critical

3 month ago

San Pedro news, California news.

The pilot of a single-engine aircraft perished while another man is fighting for life when the jet landed on a pier and crashed right into a rig truck Friday.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the crash unfolded at around 12:30 p.m. in an isolated area of the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.

People at the scene were able to pull out both men from the wreckage and performed CPR while waiting for help.

53-year-old Larry Voit, who is reportedly the pilot of the Piper PA-32, was “beyond medical help and determined deceased on scene.”

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  • The 40-year-old injured victim was occupying the semi-tractor trailer when the crash occurred.

    Authorities said that he is in “at least” serious condition after parts of the jet wedged into his windshield.

    “He was going around a couple of times, seemed like he was looking for a spot but it just seemed like he didn’t get that whole landing,” witness Ethan Haaen recalled.

    “There’s a lot more space over there and it seemed like he couldn’t reach that spot.”

    Operations at the port were not disturbed, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.