Man’s heavy sandals led customs agents at Florida airport to unveil 1.3 pounds of cocaine; more in smuggler’s stomach

2 months ago

Miami news, Florida news.

A man arrived at Miami International Airport Friday with a valuable pair of sandals.

Alert US Customs and Border Protection agents noticed the tourist’s sandals were a bit too heavy for a Miami trip.

The casual footwear actually hid pellets containing white powder that later tested positive cocaine. The drug weighed around 1.3 pounds.

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  • The smuggler, who was coming from Jamaica, told the agents that he had swallowed other pellets of the drugs.

    An X-ray confirmed the confession and it turned out the man had 28 pellets filled with cocaine in his stomach.

    “The individual later passed 28 pellets testing positive for cocaine,” the officials’ report said. “Swallowing drugs is an extremely dangerous method of concealment and CBP officers are highly skilled at thwarting smuggling attempts.”

    “It’s important to deter this type of illegal activity which can be fatal if a pellet bursts.”