TSA agents arrest man carrying 22 pounds of meth at Orlando International Airport

27 days ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

TSA agents have arrested a man trying to board a flight to Louisville, Kentucky at the Orlando International Airport early in the morning of Jan. 22.

Eli Brown was busted amid a random bag check that revealed 22 clear bags containing crystal meth wrapped in clothing inside his backpack.

The agents also discovered $900 in cash inside the backpack, the Orlando Police Department said.

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  • “Thanks to our officers’ close partnership with TSA, this 22lb. meth stash was found in a passenger’s backpack during his layover,” the police statement read.

    “It’s one of the largest amounts of drugs anyone’s recently tried to carry in person; worth $500k. We arrested the passenger.”

    The 46-year-old claimed the drugs worth $500,000 were not his and that he had found that backpack next to him when he woke up on another flight.

    Brown faces trafficking in meth over 200 grams charges.