Mom didn’t seek help for toddler whose intestines burst at hands of abusive boyfriend because he’d be arrested

3 month ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

A Florida mom has pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter charges in exchange for 15 years in jail over the death of her 2-year-old son in 2018.

Victoria Toth, 26, told Circuit Judge Mark Blechman that she did not seek medical help for Jayce Martin when she came home from work to find him lethargic and throwing.

The mom said that thought her boyfriend, Johnathan Pursglove, 27, would be arrested if she did since he was the one taking care of Jayce during her absence.

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  • When she finally called 911 three days later, the boy was found covered in bruises and died at the hospital. An autopsy revealed that he had been sucker-punched so hard his intestines burst.

    Pursglove is facing the same charges while he remains incarcerated with his plea hearing set for next month. During a recorded conversation, Jayce’s mom who was out on bail told Pursglove the late child visited her as a “ghost.”

    “I talk to Jayce and he tells me that this is something that we are supposed to go through,” Toth said ignoring a court order not to speak with Pursglove.

    “Hearing Jayce tell me that we’re going to get through it gives me something to hold onto.