Kansas City Chiefs Coach’s DUI crash left toddler in coma; single mom-of-3 jobless & heartbroken

4 month ago

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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Britt Reid had destroyed a family-of-four when he chose to drive and drink Thursday night, ultimately crashing two cars including one that carried toddlers.

Two children, ages 5 and 4, were injured in the triple-car crash but the older one’s condition was listed as very critical.

Ariel’s relative, Tiffany Verhulst, posted photos of the wounded child after she suffered swelling and bleeding on her brain.

“No child deserves to go through this, nor should any mother have to see her child like this. Ariel will be in the hospital for the foreseeable future.”

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  • Tiffany raised a GoFundMe page for the family that gathered over $114,000 by Sunday morning.

    She said that the money is to pay hospital fees and the “weeks of missed work” for the single mom who now has to remain by her daughter’s side as she lies in a coma and take care of two other children.

    “Anything to help her family who is suffering so much right now because one man chose to drink and drive.”

    Reid, 35, admitted to taking prescribed amphetamines and “two or three” drinks while behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram Laramie Sport truck before it slammed two stationary cars.