Pa. man keeps changing statements before admitting to murders of brother, girlfriend found ‘in decomposition’ at home

3 month ago

Stowe Township news, Pennsylvania news.

A Pennsylvania man kept changing stories for days before ultimately admitting to fatally shooting his younger brother and the latter’s girlfriend Sunday for living at his parents’ home.

The bodies of Christopher Gumm, 55, and Sally Sines, 47, were “in decomposition” when police discovered them on Thursday morning.

At the scene, Stowe Township also found two cans of Coors Light and Aldi bag that linked the male victim’s brother to the slayings.

60-year-old Timothy Gumm had purchased along with a witness a 12-pack of Coors Light at a convenience store and while talking with them, claimed that he’s got to visit the victims’ house to get his mail, and left carrying an Aldi bag.

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  • When faced with the facts, Gumm said that he visited the area to check on his cat, on the mail then to have a drink with his brother who later threatened him with a knife.

    The suspect later told detectives he “wasn’t sure what Christopher had, if anything.” Ultimately, he confessed to firing a single shot at his brother and two at Sines before discarding the weapon.

    “I know he has a daughter, and I feel bad for the daughter. Very sad,” a neighbor of Christopher said.

    Gumm was charged with criminal homicide, and tampering with evidence.