Wisconsin cat owner told pet is ‘obsessed by demons’ after posting its creepy pictures

3 month ago

Green Bay news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin cat owner who posted her creepy pet’s photos on social media to show its “eloquence and refinement” is enjoying reading funny comments by stunned fans.

39-year-old Alyson Kalhagen said that after posting the pictures of the feline, she was told that it was “the ugliest cat” ever seen.

With his disproportional eyes and head, the cat seemed like an alien more than an animal and social media users said that they would “have a heart attack to see him in the middle of night.”

“In that photo, he’s got kind of a blank stare with his weird little grin on his face – like maybe the lights were on or no one was at home, or whoever was at home wasn’t up to any good,” she said.

“All the time people say ‘this is the creepiest cat I’ve ever seen,’ ‘my sleep paralysis demon has come to life’.”

Once, an exorcist contacted Kalhagen on Facebook to warn her about Pixel the cat being possessed.

“There’s a cloud behind your cat it’s a demon its using your cat as a puppet it doesn’t know how to use your cat’s body so it’s practicing by using its face,” the man alleged.

Kalhagen said that she did not post some pictures of Pixel because his expressions were “too wild for public consumption.”

“He was just kind of born with it and I’m lucky to be able to come along on the ride,” she added.