Missing San Francisco man found dead in apartment weeks after he entered building and never showed up again

11 days ago

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A San Francisco computer programmer’s body has been found, according to his family; over a month after he entered his apartment building and never exited it again.

The death of Christopher Woitel remains a mystery to investigators after he was found dead inside his Mission District, San Francisco apartment on Monday.

His relatives had reported him missing early last month after he has not been found at his apartment where he was last seen alive on January 8.

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  • Surveillance footage caught Woitel entering the building on that day and he never got out again. The apartment was searched multiple times but without any revelations.

    Detectives said that the chain lock into the door was intact as well as everything inside the apartment. Officers discovered the body somewhere inside the building but did not provide details.

    Woitel had recently been unemployed, his family said and became paranoid. He believed that the mob of Capitol insurrectionists will come to San Francisco and attack him.

    San Francisco Police declined to release further details regarding Woitel’s death but family members said that he had been murdered.