Closing arguments in Trump’s Impeachment Trial delayed with Dems calling for witnesses in 11th-hour move

4 month ago

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The impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump took a new turn Saturday morning after House manager Jamie Raskin asked to call for a witness triggering defense lawyers’ anger.

Raskin abruptly announced the prosecution’s 11th move calling for Washington Republican Lawmaker Herrera Beutler to take the witness stand shortly after she divulged being present during a call involving Trump and McCarthy on January 6.

“When McCarthy finally reached the president on January 6 and asked him to publicly and forcefully call off the riot, the president initially repeated the falsehood that it was Antifa that had breached the Capitol,” Herrera recounted.

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  • “McCarthy refuted that and told the president that these were Trump supporters. That’s when, according to McCarthy, the president said: ‘Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,’” said the GOP member who voted for Trump’s impeachment.

    Since the prosecution had by this time rested their case, Trump’s lawyers refused Democrats’ surprising and late request that would “open a can of worms.”

    “Nancy Pelosi’s deposition needs to be taken. Vice President Harris’ deposition absolutely needs to be taken. And not by Zoom,” attorney Michael van der Veen said.

    “I’m gonna slap subpoenas on a good number of people if witnesses are what is required here for them to try to get their case back in order.”