Indianapolis mass-shooting suspect rapped about guns, shooting people in the head before exterminating family-of-5

3 month ago

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The parents of an Indianapolis teen were apparently concerned about him when they scolded him for leaving the home without permission.

It remains unclear if Kezzie and Raymond Childs, 42-year-olds, were aware of disturbing music videos featuring their 17-year-old wielding guns and rapping about ‘taking 2’ in the head.

Early Sunday morning, the unidentified juvenile was reprimanded by the worrisome dad who told him he would “address the matter later” and decided to go on a rampage.

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  • He fatally shot both parents using an assault-style rifle, presumably a Draco gun, before exterminating two of his siblings, ages 13 and 19, and a pregnant woman due next month.

    A survivor 15-year-old sibling lived to tell police how his older brother chased after him as he ran for his life on the street. He sustained injuries and remains hospitalized.

    The underage mass-murderer will be charged as an adult, authorities said.