Oklahoma woman charged with murder after dismembered remains of roommate found in duct tape-shut freezer

1 month ago

Wagoner news, Oklahoma news.

A 57-year-old Oklahoma woman missing since April had been found dismembered and stuffed inside a freezer that was tossed in a forest.

Thanks to an alert witness, authorities discovered the duct tape-shut freezer in a secluded area in the Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas on January 14.

The body parts found inside were identified as Talinia Galloway, a Wagoner resident who vanished while battling the coronavirus, leaving a suspicious, last Facebook post.

“Those of you who know me well know I have DNR orders in my health directive, and I’m not going to let anyone intubate me,” Galloway said referring to her refusal to be hospitalized.

“So I’ve made arrangements to spend some quality alone time at one of my favorite hideaways at one of my favorite lakes, and I’ve booked it for the remainder of this week.”

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  • That same day, Galloway’s roommate Kore Bommeli, reported her missing.

    Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott told reporters Friday that a female witness spotted in June a truck with a white cargo trailer visiting the unfrequented wooded area.

    Curiosity led the woman to follow the truck and discover that no one was around but an unbearable smell and a pool of an unidentified but fool-odorant liquid.

    Suspicious, the woman took the license plate’s number and called the police.

    Months later, on January 14, the same witness wandered back to the scene to find the freezer containing the remains. She again contacted the police and gave the truck number that turned out to be Galloway’s.

    Bommeli was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, obstructing the investigation, and destroying evidence.