Ten people suffered ‘life-threatening’ reactions to Modena vaccines as Fauci reveals being ‘knocked out’ by second dose

1 month ago

US news.

The Moderna Covid vaccine has caused at least 10 people to suffer a “life-threatening” anaphylactic reaction out of more than four million others that received the first dose of the jab.

The patients who were subjected to the severe reactions were all female started feeling uncomfortable within the first 15 to 30 minutes.

“In all 10 reports, patients received epinephrine as part of initial emergency treatment,” the CDC said.

“Nine of the 10 anaphylaxis case reports included a patient history of allergies or allergic reactions, including to drugs, contrast media, and foods; five patients had experienced an episode of anaphylaxis in the past, none of which was associated with receipt of vaccines.”

While the CDC labeled the reactions as “rare events”, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he was “knocked out” after his second dose of the jab.

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  • “I was hoping that I wouldn’t get too knocked out. I did for about 24 hours. Now I’m fine,” he said. “Fatigued. A little achy. You know. Chilly. Not sick,” he added.

    Speaking of his first dose of the Moderna jab he received on Dec. 27, Fauci said:

    “The only thing I had was about maybe 6 to 10 hours following the vaccine.”

    He continued: “I felt a little bit of an ache in my arm that lasted maybe 24 hours or a little bit more, then went away and completely, other than that, I felt no other deleterious type of effects.”

    “It was really quite good. It was even as good or better than an influenza vaccine. So, nothing serious at all.”