Wisconsin woman kidnapped man for months, tortured him claiming to be CIA, FBI, and Army Rangers’ agent

1 month ago

West Salem news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin woman had held a man captive for months, tortured him, stole his belongings, and threatened to harm his family claiming she was a high-rank official.

56-year-old Lori Anne Holton first kidnapped the victim on June 22, 2020, and since, she “hit him 97 times, kicked him 10 times, elbowed him four times, tased him 15 times, choked him three times, and he had a knife held to his throat, hot coffee was thrown on him and spat on,” Officer Brett Myers said.

The victim managed to escape on September 7 with the help of his son. Holton tried to flee in her victim’s car but was eventually arrested in Minneapolis.

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  • Holton faces first-degree recklessly endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon, intentionally subjecting an individual to risk or abuse, and false imprisonment in addition to other charges.

    The victim told police that Holton claimed she was a CIA, FBI, and Army Rangers agent: “He had been told over and over that she would cause harm to him and his family so much, that he was truly believing that she would follow through with harming him.”

    The woman stole her victim’s iPhone, iPad, laptop, car, and credit cards. She also took $20,000 from his workplace promising to pay back “after she was elected president.”

    Federal Election Commission confirmed that Holton completed a statement to be an independent candidate for President back in 2019.