Murderer who chopped up man’s body and staffed parts in suitcases actually forgot luggage tag bearing his name

1 month ago

Denver news, Colorado news.

Denver Police revealed how they were tipped off about the murderer who left two suitcases packed with human remains on New Year’s Eve along a snowy Mar lee road.

The remains of 33-year-old Joshua Lockard were staffed in two cases with the medical examiner ruling his death as “recent.”

But detectives didn’t have to make big efforts to name a suspect: He actually left his name scribbled on the luggage tag.

The United Airlines baggage sticker identified the owner as “Satterthwaite” and added “Den” next to the name, leading police to his Denver home.

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  • Benjamin Satterthwaite, 28, was found unconscious near another person at the home on January 1 as they both suffered drug-overdoses.

    At the apartment, cops found a third suitcase similar to those he used to hide Lockard’s body parts as well as a bloody couch and saw blade. Large amounts of blood splatters were also discovered in the bathtub and bathroom.

    Satterthwaite was rushed to the hospital where detectives obtained his fingerprints as he received treatment. The other person died from the overdose.

    Investigators did not reveal an immediate motive behind the massacre but said that both men knew each other with the victim temporarily living in Satterthwaite’s apartment.

    Lockard was last seen alive three days prior to his death according to a friend who drove him to a local bank so he would cash a check.