Pro-Trump man who killed himself was facing minor sentence; Wife claims MAGA protests are Leftist set-up

2 months ago

Alpharetta news, Georgia news.

Days after she made headlines for reporting “blood everywhere” in her basement, the wife of the Georgia Trump supporter who killed himself after being charged in riots, is now alleging the violence is a “leftist set-up.”

Kelley Georgia warned her fellow pro-Trump on social media not to attend the protests planned ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“RED ALERT! Do NOT attend any event that is calling for a ‘March on the Capitol’ on Jan 17th!!!” she said on Twitter.

“I repeat DO NOT Attend this!!! I believe this may be organized by the left to set up patriots!!! Even the flyer has communist symbolism on it. DO NOT attend!”

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    Over the weekend, Georgia’s husband, Christopher Stanton, tragically ended his life in the basement of their home when he shot himself in the chest.

    It came four days after he was charged for not complying with DC officers’ orders to leave the scene during the curfew on Wednesday.

    Authorities said that Stanton was facing up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.