‘Survivor’ star dies at 40 after losing battle against rare cancer

2 months ago

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A ‘Survivor’ star has passed away last Friday after she couldn’t survive a rare form of cancer, her family said.

Angie Jakusz, participated in the reality TV show in 2005 when she was 25 years old and despite her young age, she was one of the most favorite participants.

“People have to remember back in 2005 – women weren’t cast on ‘Survivor’ with dreads and tattoos,” fellow contestant Coby Archa said.

“She broke the casting barrier. Fans related to her story so much. And a lot of people wanted to see her play again for her strength.”

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  • But after displaying a great performance in the challenges, she traveled back to New Orleans to resume her normal life, working as an artist and a bartender.

    “We had heard from her family three years ago that she was battling cancer,” Archa added. “We raised some money for her treatments.”

    He continued: “She wasn’t into fame, just the experience of ‘Survivor’. She came, she played, and she went back to her life in New Orleans. She liked her life that way.”

    Angie died of squamous cell carcinoma, a colorectal cancer form, at 40. She left behind her husband, brother, nephew, and niece.