Georgia man charged with arson after setting ablaze home, killing mother

3 month ago

Warner Robins news, Georgia news.

A house fire erupted early Sunday at a Warner Robins home and firefighters discovered the charred body of a 57-year-old woman.

Lisa Rebecca Brooks was pronounced dead at the scene at around 1 a.m. and police ruled the incident as an arson act.

The following day, 28-year-old Spencer Bentley Brooks, who is the victim’s son, was arrested and charged with first-degree arson.

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  • Brooks has just stepped out of jail after serving a part of a 15-year sentence in connection with aggravated-battery and shoplifting charges he committed in 2017.

    He also served jail time for a slew of offenses including gun possession, burglary, and theft he committed in Wilcox County in 2018.

    He was evaluated at a local hospital then booked into jail for Sunday’s arson.