Mom who jumped to death off Manhattan building with daughter, 5, was reducing depression treatment that made her suicidal

3 month ago

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A 39-year-mom who had recently divorced took her own life and that of her 5-year-old daughter on Sunday after jumping off the 12th stories of a Manhattan building.

The family and friends of Oksana Patchin said that she was struggling with depression and took three prescribed drugs but was progressively weaning her treatment.

“She was taking less and less,” the grieving mother of Patchin said adding that the victim planned to stop the medication completely by February or March.

A friend of the family confirmed that Patchin was taking Klonopin and Trazpsychiatrist to treat her panic and anxiety but that only made her situation worse as she became addicted and suicidal.

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  • At around 1:40 p.m., Patchin walked to a Hell’s Kitchen building in Manhattan, got to the roof, climbed over a safety gate, and picked up her daughter before leaping to her death with the toddler.

    At Patchin’s Brooklyn Height apartment, officers discovered bottles of medication.

    The woman suffered depression after she filed for divorce last summer.

    She worked as a French Bank CIC officer and provided for her special needs daughter and mom.