Curious friends find decomposed body while investigating ‘haunted’ house: ‘It’s something you won’t forget’

16 days ago

Norway news, South Carolina news.

A curious group of youngsters invaded the ‘haunted’ house of their Norway community to come upon a decaying body last weekend.

The pals drove their four-wheelers up to the abandoned home where no one lived and admitted that curiosity prompted them to investigate the residence.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the group discovered a deep freezer and one of them decided to open it.

“It was very scary. You couldn’t tell it was a person, because,” Madison Childers, one of the friends, recalled. “I think it had been in there for months. There were maggots everywhere.”

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  • Corey Antley described the smell as unbearable just after opening the freezer.

    “As soon as the seal broke loose, it was just a horrifying smell,” Antley said. “It’s something you won’t forget.”

    Authorities said that right after they made the gruesome discovery, the house was reduced to ashes.

    The suspicious fire and the decaying body’s finding are being investigated.