Nevada woman plows car into former boyfriend at high speed killing him as he moved out apartment

2 months ago

Las Vegas news, Nevada news.

A 41-year-old Las Vegas woman has been arrested days after she fatally ran over her ex-boyfriend as he loaded boxes of his belongings into his car following their break-up.

The victim, James Dutter, 42, was alive and conscious when responding officers first found him at the Sanderling Circle apartment complex parking lot.

Dutter told cops that he didn’t feel his hands and arms after his ex-girlfriend, Maylien Doppert ran over him after accusing him of robbing her own belongings.

The severely injured man continued his testimony at the hospital and claimed that he tried to avoid meeting Doppert at the apartment waiting until she left to recover his belongings.

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  • But Doppert returned quickly and spotted him loading the boxes into his car. Although he let her inspect his loads, she still mowed him down, sending him flying in the air.

    “Dutter walked to the end of his Mustang and was immediately struck by the front end of Doppert’s Mitsubishi, which she drove at a high rate of speed.”

    The victim landed under the bumper of a parked vehicle. Five days later, on Nov. 29, he passed away from his injuries.

    “The front windshield was smashed, there was a large dent on the roofline above the windshield, and there was damage to the left rear bumper and fender” of Doppert’s car.

    “The detectives also located hair-like fibers embedded in the windshield glass and apparent blood on the left front fender.”