Girl, 15, led her new boyfriend, 2 others, to ex’s home where they beat him up & ran over his mom with church van

2 months ago

Polk County news, Florida news.

Florida authorities have arrested four teens accused of beating a Polk City boy and fatally mowing down his mother as she tried to take videos of the assault on Nov. 9.

Kimberly Stone, 15, convinced her new boyfriend Elijah Stansell, 18, and their two pals, Hannah Eubanks and Raven Sutton, to go and beat her ex-boyfriend Hunter Penton who had argued with her that morning at school, causing her to get suspended.

Stansell stole his dad’s church van to take the evil teens to their destination where they ambushed Penton and beat him up while Eubanks, 14, filmed the assault.

Penton’s mom, 52-year-old Suzette Penton, came to her son’s rescue and kicked the group out of the home. As Stansell got back into the van, she started filming him as evidence to hand over to authorities.

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  • But Stansell plowed with all force into the woman, leaving her dead with “tire tracks on her body.”

    “He didn’t clip her, she was squared up and he ran over her; Directly over her. Rolled her underneath the van,” Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference.

    The mother fought for life at a hospital for three weeks before passing away. The teens were all charged as adults and initially charged with attempted murder. The charges will be upgraded.

    “[Stansell] had every opportunity in the world not to run over this lady but he did,” Judd said. “He used the church van that was intended for good and used it for evil. He needs to go to prison.”

    “He controlled and could have stopped the murder but he’s the one, he’s the driver that in the church van ran over and killed this beautiful lady. They went from being rowdy, out of control kids to murder,” the Sheriff said.