California pastor Bob Bryant dies from coronavirus, 19 days after testing positive

2 months ago

Fontana news, California news.

The pastor of a California megachurch has lost his battle with coronavirus 19 days after learning he had the deadly germ in his system.

Bob Bryant left this world at age 5, his wife Lori announced on Instagram. She and her son were also positive for Covid-19.

“He fought to the very end and so did his doctors and nurses,” she said.

“Bob just turned 58…I’m 57. Nobody thinks they’re going to be a widow at 57,” she told a news outlet.

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  • “We have four little grandchildren who adore him. Bob was a wonderful husband but he was a stellar grandfather.”

    “Bob was very, very safe because he had some issues with his health so he’s been very, very safe and it could be you.”

    The Water of Life Church’s pastor had recently held some outdoor services and was on vacation when he tested positive.

    “He has bilateral aggressive COVID pneumonia, suffered a silent heart attack, and is having some kidney issues. They had to put him on a ventilator,” his wife Lori wrote on Facebook.

    “Even when he was having trouble breathing he said, ‘Tell everyone I love them and I’ll see them when I wake up.”