Philadelphia boy, 12, fatally shot through front door while responding to someone calling him

2 months ago

Philadelphia news, Pennsylvania news.

A 12-year-old Philadelphia boy was fatally shot through the front door of his house while answering the calls of the shooter early Monday.

Sadeek Clark-Harrison heard someone calling his name at around 3 a.m. and a knock at the glass front door at the 5000 block of Ditman Street, Franklin.

“What we know at this time is that there was a knock at the door. No description of any persons at the door, one shot was fired,” Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton said.

“We do have on the porch of the location one 9mm shell casing and that’s all we know at this particular point in time.”

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  • The victim was shot in the eye and succumbed to his injuries, police said. His grieving mom recalls hearing someone calling him right before the shooting.

    “Sadeek! Sadeek! So he was coming outside to answer the door because they were calling his name and he didn’t even open the door. He looked at the top of the door and they shot him through his eye,” she said.

    Not long ago, Sadeek has helped a neighbor during a diabetic episode. His kindness and empathy towards neighbors made them saddened by his tragic departure.

    “I started crying,” neighbor Tom Colon said. “That kid is a good kid. I’ve seen him grow up and I’ve known the family for years.”

    The shooter remains at large as authorities continue reviewing surveillance footage from the neighborhood. Anyone with information is asked to step forward and help with the investigation.