Son & mom accused of killing abusive dad who went missing 4 years before being found by dog

2 months ago

Scott County news, Minnesota news.

Authorities in Minnesota have busted a 26-year-old man and his mother in connection to the 2013 murder of the family’s patriarch who was fatally shot in the head.

Austin Herbst and his mother Connie Herbst, 62, were charged with second-degree murder of Gary Herbst.

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  • The son killed his verbally and physically abusive father and with the help of his mother, rolled his corpse up in carpeting and drove him to Wisconsin where they tossed him.

    They returned home and waited for an entire year before reporting him missing. It was until 2017 that a dog brought the victim’s skull to its owner, opening a new lead for investigators.

    Last June, the skull and the rest of the remains were confirmed as Gary’s. neighbors of the family testified about suspicious events at the Herbst’s home before it was sold, weeks following Gary’s disappearance.