College student, 21, found buried in desert; 2 suspects arrested

2 months ago

San Bernardino County news, California news.

California authorities made a tragic discovery Friday when they came upon the deceased body of a 21-year-old missing man in a shallow grave in San Bernardino County desert, news outlets reported.

Earlier this week, 20-year-old Sonita Heng and Ethan Astaphan, 27, were taken into custody on suspicion of killing the El Camino College student, Juan Carlos Hernandez, police said.

Hernandez’s worried relatives called the police on Sept. 22 to report him missing after he mysteriously disappeared from his workplace in South Los Angeles.

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  • Earlier that day, Hernandez had contacted his mom to say that he would return by the night, but never did.

    Two days later, his empty vehicle was located almost two miles from the marijuana dispensary where he worked.

    “This isn’t the outcome we ever wanted or thought we’d get. But I still feel blessed that we found his body,” the victim’s shocked mother told reporters.

    Police are asking anyone with relevant information regarding the circumstances of the killing to call (213) 486-6840.